How to Add Exit Effect to Bullet Points in a PowerPoint Slide?

Include a bullet list in PowerPoint

To make a rundown, embed a content box and include the rundown things, utilizing a hard return toward the finish of every thing to

wrap to the following line. After you include all the content, you’re prepared to include the projectile configuration.

Select the content box control. On the off chance that the outskirt is a dashed line, tap the fringe to make it strong. Or on the other hand, you can

click inside the container and press [Ctrl]+A to choose the greater part of the content. In PowerPoint 2003, change the fringe

from the slice lines to specks.

Tap the Home tab.

In the Paragraph gathering, tap the Bullets alternative. In PowerPoint 2003, you’ll discover this alternative on the

Organizing toolbar.


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Make a passageway in PowerPoint

We should include a passageway impact that shows every visual cue, thus, when you tap the slide.

Select the content box control.

Tap the Animations tab. In PowerPoint 2003, pick Custom Animations from the Slide Show menu.

In the Advanced Animation gathering, tap the Add Animation dropdown.

In PowerPoint, pick Entrance from the Include Effect dropdown.

Snap Appear in the Entrance segment.

There’s an additional progression in PowerPoint 2013: From the Effect Options dropdown in the Animations gathering, pick By Paragraph.


A convenient exit in PowerPoint

In the event that you include the Disappear leave impact anticipating that PowerPoint should conceal the present thing when it shows the

next thing, you’ll be disillusioned. PowerPoint will add the vanishing impact to resulting fifth, 6th,

seventh, and eighth snaps. As such, PowerPoint will shroud the rundown things each one in turn after

showing every one of the four things.

You can tinker with the triggers and timing, however it’s superfluous. The Entrance impact has all that you.


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Require. To conceal every thing as PowerPoint shows the following, do the accompanying:


In the Animation Pane, tap the Entrance impact’s dropdown list. In PowerPoint, it’s the Custom Animation sheet.

Pick Effect Options.

In the subsequent discourse, tap the After Animation dropdown and pick Hide On Next Mouse Click.

Click OK.

Run the slideshow by squeezing [F5] and begin clicking to show the shot things. Each time you click,

PowerPoint shows the following thing and conceals the past thing. That is positively a ton less demanding

than endeavoring to redo the leave timing for every thing.


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