How to Perform Basic Tasks in OneNote for Mac?

OneNote for Mac is a computerized note-taking application that gives a solitary place to keeping the majority of your notes, research, plans, and data — all that you have to recall and oversee in your life at home, at work, or at school.


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In OneNote, scratch pad never come up short on paper. Notes are anything but difficult to sort out, print, and offer, and you can inquiry and find critical data immediately, regardless of whether you overlook where you’ve initially caught it.


The best part is that your note pads are put away online so you can without much of a stretch get to them on any of your cell phones.


How to Type Notes


When you’re prepared to take notes in OneNote, do any of the accompanying:

• Click anyplace on the page and begin writing.

• To start another note somewhere else on the page, simply snap and begin writing there.

• To move any content that you’ve written to another area on the page, move the mouse pointer over the note until the point that a note holder shows up around it, and afterward drag the highest point of the compartment to the new area you need.


How to Insert links in Onenote?


At whatever point you compose content that OneNote perceives as a connection, it is naturally arranged as one.

For instance, in the event that you write in your notes, OneNote transforms the content into an interactive connection. In this case, tapping the connection opens the OneNote site in your program.


You can likewise physically embed joins into your notes from content you’ve written or pictures you’ve embedded. Do the accompanying:


1. Select the content or a photo from which you need to make a connection.

2. Snap Insert > Link.

3. In the Link exchange box that opens, type the connection’s goal into the Address field and after that snap OK.


Attach files to notes

OneNote can keep the greater part of your data about any subject or venture together in one place — including duplicates of related records and archives that you can join to your notes.


Do the accompanying:

1. On any page, click where you need to connect a record or archive.

2. On the Insert tab, click File Attachment.

3. In the exchange box that opens, select at least one records, and afterward click Insert.

Embedded records appear as symbols on your page. Double tap any symbol to open its document.


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How to Insert pictures


You can embed photographs and pictures of any sort anyplace in your notes.

Do the accompanying:

1. On any page, click where you need to embed a photo.

2. Snap Insert > Picture.

3. In the discourse box that opens, snap to choose at least one pictures, and afterward click Insert.


Save your notes

OneNote doesn’t have a Save catch. That is on the grounds that you never need to spare your work in OneNote, as you do in different applications.


As you work in your note pads, OneNote consequently spares everything for you — regardless of how little or vast the progressions you’ve made.

This gives you a chance to consider your ventures, musings, and thoughts as opposed to stressing over your note pad records.


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