How to Change Default OneDrive envelope Location in Windows 10?

The OneDrive customer for Windows 10 presently incorporates Files On-Demand, a component that enables you to get to your records in the cloud utilizing File Explorer without adjusting them specifically to your gadget.

In spite of the fact that File On-Demand is a clever highlight, on the off chance that you should keep your documents constantly accessible locally and upheld up in the cloud, however your framework drive doesn’t have enough stockpiling, OneDrive does exclude an alternative to utilize a removable stockpiling or auxiliary hard drive in its settings.


Be that as it may, in case you’re in this circumstance, you can move the default OneDrive envelope to another organizer, segment, or outer hard drive completing a straightforward detach, move, and reconnect process.


How to migrate OneDrive envelope on Windows 10?


In the event that you need to utilize an alternate area to store your OneDrive organizer without investing extra energy and transfer speed to synchronize your records once more, at that point utilize these means:


1. Snap theOneDrive (cloud) symbol in the taskbar.

2. Tap the More catch.

3. Tap on Settings.

4. Tap on the Accounts tab.

5. Tap the Unlink OneDrive choice.

6. Tap the Unlink account catch.

7. Close the “Set up OneDrive” page (if appropriate).

8. Open the Run order (Windows key + R).

9. Enter the accompanying way and snap OK:  %USERPROFILE%

10. Select the OneDrive organizer.

11. Tap the Home tab.

12. Tap the Move to drop-down menu, and select the Choose area alternative.

13. Peruse and select the new area to move your OneDrive documents privately put away on your PC.

14. Tap the Move catch.

15. Open Start.

16. Look for OneDrive, and tap the best outcome to open the experience.

17. Enter your email address.

18. Tap the Sign in catch.

19. Enter your record secret word.

20. Tap the Sign in catch.

21. Tap the Change area connect.

22. Peruse to the new organizer area, and tap the Select Folder catch.

23. Tap the Use this area catch.

24. Tap the Next catch.

25. Navigate the OneDrive tips.

26. Tap the Open my OneDrive envelope catch.


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