How to Change Page Setup by using Auto Size?

change the page setup via the use of automobile size or selecting length and orientation

vehicle size extends the diagramming page as wanted even as you figure, which allows you create diagrams which can be larger than one published web page.

vehicle size does no longer alternate the printer paper length while it extends the page. but, you can see in which web page breaks will show up if you print the diagram, if the option to reveal page breaks is chosen.


you may specify the printer paper size and orientation for each page in a multi-page diagram independently of the alternative pages. If auto size is on, it’s going to make the diagram page view match the printer paper size and orientation.


exchange printer paper length when car length is on the layout tab, within the page Setup organization, click on length.

click on the printer paper size you want to use.


Click here to install office setup on your computer :


change the web page orientation to portrait or landscape whilst auto length is on

on the design tab, within the web page Setup group, click on Orientation.

click on either Portrait or landscape.

Open the web page Setup conversation container
at the design tab, in the web page Setup institution, click the web page Setup conversation box Launcher.

Use the controls on the Print Setup and web page length tabs to make changes to the printer paper and the diagramming page view independently.


speedy resize the drawing web page by means of dragging the web page edges
click the Pointer tool.

role the pointer at the brink of the page, after which press the CTRL key.

The pointer adjustments to a double-headed arrow or a rotation cursor.

Drag the page aspect to in which you need it.

routinely resize the drawing page to fit the shapes at the web page
on the layout tab, in the page Setup institution, click length.

click on suit to Drawing.


For more details, visit : Change the page setup by using Auto Size or selecting size and orientation


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