How to Check Messages as Read When Tapped on it on Microsoft Outlook?


On the off chance that you are the person who felt irritating when Outlook doesn’t stamp messages as read when you snap and view it in Reading Pane then simply take after the given strides as the arrangement is quickly clarified beneath.

Here we have rattled off the best approach to influence Microsoft Outlook to check messages as read when they’re opened.


As all of you realize that with the default setting, Outlook won’t stamp a message as read until the point that you select another message.


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It is very irritating for some on the grounds that in the event that you read a message and afterward quickly erase the message, it appears as a new message in your Deleted Items envelope. Simply take after the recorded advances and stamp the messages as read.


Take after these Steps and Mark the Outlook Messages as Read:-

Go to the backstage screen, tap on the “Choices” in the rundown of things on the left.

On the Options discourse box, tap on the “Mail” in the rundown of things on the left.

Presently, in the Outlook sheets segment, you have to tap the “Perusing Pane” catch.

Presently, simply check the “Stamp things as read when seen in the Reading Pane” box. It influences Outlook to stamp your messages as read when you see them in the Reading Pane.


Of course, Outlook will just check a message read after you’ve been understanding it for 5 seconds. You can even change this if necessary. Presently, enter 0 (zero) in the “Hold up X seconds before stamping thing as read” box, Now, our messages would be set apart as read when we select them.


Note that the “Stamp thing as read when choice changes” box is naturally unchecked in the event that you check the “Check things as read when you see it in the Reading Pane” box. Just those two checkboxes can be chosen on the double.


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Snap “alright” to acknowledge your progressions and close the discourse box.

After this, you have to Click “alright” on the Options exchange box. Presently your messages will be set apart as read when you select them in the perusing sheet, or before long, contingent upon how long you advised Outlook to hold up before denoting the thing as read.

Standpoint is an extraordinary email customer, yet like most projects, it has its peculiarities. This speedy tip can enable you to dispose of one of Outlook’s irritating highlights, and influence it to work like you need it to.

In the event that you don’t wish to take after this strategy then you can likewise debilitate the Reading Pane on the off chance that you don’t need messages consequently opened when you select them.


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