CoffeeMiner Project Lets you Hack Public Wi-Fi to Cryptocoins

Keep in mind how an Argentinian Starbucks store as of late ended up being doing JavaScript cryptomining as an afterthought?


That is the place another person utilizes your PC, by means of your web program, to play out a progression of estimations that assistance to produce a type of digital currency, and keeps the returns for themselves.


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All things considered, it appears to have been a one-sided choice by the Wi-Fi supplier to incorporate coin mining JavaScript code in the Wi-Fi enrollment page.


The assault works through the ridiculing of Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) messages by method for the dsniff library which catches all activity on general society arrange.


Mitmproxy is then used to infuse JavaScript into pages the Wi-Fi clients visit. To keep the procedure clean, the designer infused just a single line of code which calls a cryptographic money excavator.


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Coffee Miner:


  • Tricks your network card into thinking that the CoffeeMiner is the access point. The open source product dnsiff is used for this part.
  • Passes on all your network traffic directly except for web requests.
  • Pushes your web traffic into a man-in-the-middle proxy. The open source toolkit mitmproxy is used here.
  • Inserts one line of coin-mining HTML into your web replies.


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