How to Create Outlook Tasks in OneNote?

As you take notes and plan extends in OneNote, you may think about how to oversee due dates and recall the things on your daily agenda. One path is to make Outlook errands.

At that point you can view and track those undertakings in Outlook and even get updates.


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Make an Outlook task in OneNote:


1. In OneNote, select the words that you need to be your assignment.

2. In the menu that shows up, tap the bolt beside the Outlook Tasks catch and pick an update.

A banner shows up beside your assignment in OneNote and your errand is added to Outlook.


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Discover a task in OneNote

• On the Home tab in OneNote, pick Find Tags.

Your Outlook undertakings will be in the Tags Summary sheet on the right.

Check an undertaking as total

• In the Tags Summary sheet in OneNote, check the banner beside an Outlook errand.

The undertaking is set apart as finished in both the OneNote Tags Summary sheet and in Outlook.


Erase an task

In the event that you choose you needn’t bother with an assignment, you can evacuate it. You have two options: Delete the undertaking from Outlook, which additionally evacuates the tag from OneNote or Remove the tag from OneNote and keep the assignment in Outlook.


To expel the errand from Outlook:

• Right-tap the tag in your notes, and pick Deleted Outlook Task.

The content stays in OneNote and the undertaking is expelled from Outlook.

To keep the undertaking in Outlook and expel the banner from OneNote:

• Right-tap the tag in your notes, and pick Remove Tag.

The tag (signal) is expelled from OneNote and the errand stays in Outlook.


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