CSV Files for IMAP Migration Batches in Office 365

The comma-isolated esteems (CSV) document that you use to move the substance of clients’ letter drops in an IMAP relocation contains a column for every client.

Each column contains data about the client’s Office Setup 365 letter box and IMAP post box, and Office 365 utilizations this data to process the movement.


Required Attributes for Each User:


  • EmailAddress specifies the user ID for the user’s Office 365 mailbox.
  • UserName specifies the user logon name for the user’s mailbox on the IMAP server. You can use either the user name or domain\user name format. For example, hollyh or contoso\hollyh.
  • Password is the password for the user’s account in the IMAP messaging system.


The movement will come up short if any of these characteristics is excluded in the header column of the CSV document.

Additionally, make certain to type the qualities precisely as they’re appeared. Traits can’t contain spaces.

They should be a solitary word. For instance, Email Address is invalid. You should utilize Email Address.


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Format for the CSV File:


The main line, or header push, of the CSV document records the names of the characteristics, or fields, determined in the columns that take after. Each quality name is isolated by a comma.

Each column under the header push speaks to one client and supplies the data that will be utilized to relocate the client’s post box.

The characteristic esteems in each line must be in an indistinguishable request from the trait names in the header push. Each property estimation is isolated by a comma.


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