What’s the Difference Between Office 365 and Office 2016?

If you want to get office for business, school, college home or personal use, you may be confused that what is the difference in office 365 & office setup 2016?

Here is the detailed comparison in both Office 2016 (One time purchase) & Office 365 Subscription.


1. Applications in Office 365 v/s Office 2016:


In office 2016, you will get all office apps like excel, power-point, word etc.

In office 365, you will get all the latest versions of office applications like word,excel, outlook, powerpoint etc.


2. Office 2016 Updates v/s Office 365 Updates:


Office 2016 apps won’t be updated when new features are released.

Office 365 provides you the latest updates & you can access all the latest features.


3. Office 2016 Cost v/s Office 365 Cost:


You have to pay only 1 time for office 2016

You have to pay monthly fee for using office 365. But you can save the full year payment.


4. Technical Support in Office 365 v/s Office 2016:


In office 2016, you will get support in installing & activating the apps.

In office 365, you get full customer support throughout your subscription without any extra cost.



5. Extra Storage in Office 2016 v/s Extra Storage in Office 365 :


There is no extra online storage options available in office 2016.

You can save your files in cloud & use them anytime anywhere. (up-to 5 TB one drive cloud storage)


6. Install Office on more than One Computer:


Office 2016,one time purchase is designed for one pc or one mac.so you can use it only on one system.

Office 365 can be used on up to 5 computers or mac.


for more information, visit the official website office.com/setup.



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