Does Webroot Prevent MS office 365 Activation?


If you have installed webroot antivirus to secure your computer from virus attacks, & now you are trying to install office setup

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It will not interfere or stop MS Office 365 from activating.


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To check that you can look to see if Webroot is blocking this by right clicking and shutting down Webroot temporarily or/and read may interrupt webroot install 


There are essentially 3 key areas where this can happen/a user can override WSA.  These are essentially reached, from the main WSA panel, as follows:


  1. PC Security > Block/Allow Files
  2. Identity Protection > Application Protection
  3. Utilities > System Control > Control Active Processes


and once there the user usually has the options to:


A. “Allow”

B. “Protect/Monitor”

C. “Block/Deny”


In the case of 1. Detection Configuration (PC Security > Block/Allow Files)


“Allow”, WSA ignores it during scans and shield actions, meaning if it’s a virus that has been allowed

“Monitor”, WSA will watch the item to determine if it is legitimate or related to malware.

“Block”, then WSA will treat the items as it would detected malware.


In the case of 2. Protected Applications (Internet Security & Complete version ONLY)


“Allowed applications” are not secured against information-stealing malware, and also have full access to protected data on the system.

“Protected applications” are secured against information-stealing malware, but also have full access to data on the system.

“Denied applications” cannot view or capture protected data on the system, but can otherwise run normally.


In the case of 3. Control Active Processes


“Allow” it means WSA allows it to run on the system.

“Monitor” status means WSA will journal what that program is doing and keep a very close eye on it for any suspicious activity.

“Block” means just that…iWSA does not allow it to run on the syste.


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