Figure out an Existing Database into a Database Model

With the Reverse Engineer Wizard in Visio Online Plan 2, Microsoft Visio Professional, and Microsoft Visio Premium versions, you can make a database demonstrate from a current database or a Microsoft Excel exercise manual.

Database models graphically demonstrate the structure of a database so you can perceive how database components, for example, tables and perspectives, identify with each other without demonstrating the real information.

This can streamline making another database or understanding the structure of a current one.


Where do I discover the database displaying highlights for Visio Online Plan 2?


The Visio Add-in for Database Modeling gives you a chance to make a database demonstrate from a current database.

This include just works with Visio Online Plan 2. In case you don’t know what variant of Visio you’re utilizing, click File > Account > About Visio.


1. Download Visio Add-in for Database Modeling

2. Download the include from here.

3. Select your dialect on the download page and afterward click Download.

4. Select the 64 bit (x64) or 32 bit (x86) form that matches your Visio Online Plan 2 variant. You can likewise choose to download a PDF record that has setup directions. Snap Next to download the records to your PC or gadget.

5. Close Visio before the subsequent stage on the off chance that you have the program open.

Find the MSI introduce document you downloaded and afterward double tap it to begin the setup. Snap Install when incited and navigate the introduce screens to finish the establishment procedure.

6. The Database Model Diagram is currently accessible for use in your Visio Online Plan 2 membership program.


Download Microsoft Office 365 here :


Audit what the Reverse Engineer Wizard removes


The diagram definition data that the wizard can remove relies upon a blend of things, for example, the abilities of the database administration framework (DBMS) and ODBC driver.

The wizard demonstrates every one of the components it can concentrate and gives you a chance to pick which ones you need. For instance, you might be keen on just 5 out of 10 tables, and 2 out of 4 sees.


While you are running the wizard you can have it naturally make the attracting expansion to posting the figured out things in the Tables and Views window.

In the event that you choose not to have the illustration made naturally, you can drag the things from the Tables and Views window onto your attracting page to physically amass the database show.


To the degree that they are accessible from the objective DBMS, you can extricate the accompanying:

  • Tables
  • Perspectives
  • Essential keys
  • Outside keys
  • Files
  • Triggers
  • Check provisions
  • Put away systems


Click here to install Office 365 :


Plan to begin the wizard


On the off chance that you are figuring out an Excel exercise manual, before you begin the wizard you have to open the exercise manual and name the gathering (or range) of cells that contain the segment headings.


On the off chance that you need to utilize in excess of one worksheet, simply name the gathering of segment cells in every worksheet.

These extents are dealt with like tables in the wizard. For more data about how to name a scope of cells, see the Microsoft Office Excel help.


1. Tap the File tab, click New, click Templates, click Software and Database, and after that double tap Database Model Diagram.

2. On the Database tab, in the Manage gathering, click Database Drivers.

3. On the Drivers tab select the Visio-provided driver for your DBMS. For instance, on the off chance that you are planning an Access database you would pick Microsoft Access.

On the off chance that you are figuring out an Excel worksheet, pick the ODBC Generic Driver.

4. Snap Setup.

5. On the ODBC drivers tab, select the check box for the merchant provided driver for your DBMA. For instance, on the off chance that you are planning an Access database you would choose the Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb, *.accdb) check box.

6. Snap OK in every discourse box.


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