How to Get Add-in in Microsoft Word 2013?

Microsoft Word is a  Microsoft office 365 / Microsoft Offi9ce 2016 / Microsoft Office 2013 Application.


Microsoft Word is completely designed according to the user requirements, where you can write down articles, applications, letters, blogs etc. very easily with different style title, headings, colors, fonts etc.


But Still, if you want to add some more features or personalize your documents or speed up the way you access information, then you can get some add ins in Microsoft Word.


You can add some add-ins to look up items on Wikipedia or add an online map to your document without having to leave Word.


How to Get Add-in in Microsoft Word 2013?


Click Insert > My Apps.

In the Apps for Office box, click Store.

Pick the app you want, or search for one in the search box.

Click Add or Buy on the add-in you want.

Click on Trust it on privacy information.

Confirm your billing information.

The Microsoft Word Add-in is ready to use.


Start using your app for Office in Word 2013

Click Insert > My Apps.

Double-click any app to start using it.


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