Is your personal computer secure?

It down-pouring security dangers. The world has seen its offer of ransomware assaults. Sadly, this wouldn’t end any sooner. Not until the point that the hacking group chooses to sleep. What’s more, tragically, this wouldn’t occur either. In this manner here’s a pertinent inquiry for you: how secure is your PC? Is it sufficiently secure to handle the present quickly changing security danger scene? Answer these 5 inquiries and you’ll know the appropriate response.

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2. Do You Update Your Antivirus Protection Regularly? Obviously, auto-refreshes have assumed control. Yet at the same time, you need to go online for this to happen. So what we are endeavoring to drive at is that your activity does not end at introducing antivirus. You ought to keep up it also. As such, perform standard updates.1. Do You Have Antivirus Protection? Antivirus programming is an unquestionable requirement have. Be sans it or paid, whatever you pick, it’s basic to protect your PC(s) against security dangers. It’s the base security you can prepare your PC(s) with. Hence the initial step to securing your PC(s) is to introduce antivirus programming.

3. Is Your Operating System The Latest? Next comes your working framework. It is safe to say that you are utilizing the most recent one? It’s constantly best to refresh your OS to the most recent rendition accessible in the market. The same applies to different other programming (fundamental applications and different projects) inside your PC. Stay up with the latest.

4. Do You Perform Regular Backups? At that point comes the most dire outcome imaginable of your PC being hacked regardless of having an antivirus. Anything can occur in the present quickly changing cybersecurity scene, so are your arranged for it? The most ideal approach to plan is by performing normal information reinforcements. So that if something happens to your PC, you’ll have the capacity to get back on track soon.

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5. Do You Think Before You Click? This is critical. To be careful while surfing the web. Since your antivirus will be of no utilization to you in the event that you continue welcoming inconvenience into your PC, by clicking spontaneous sends and going to malevolent sites. Basically, abstain from being the artless web client and take after the security best practices.

6. Do You Use Public WiFi? On the off chance that yes, your PC is stuck in an unfortunate situation. Since open wifi is generally the rearing ground for programmers. In this manner better maintain a strategic distance from open wifi. Furthermore, if by any stretch of the imagination, you need to utilize it, do as such subsequent to having introduced legitimate assurance. What’s more, by legitimate security, we mean by utilizing VPN (Virtual Private Networks). Along these lines your association will be encoded and in this manner safe against the threats of open wifi.

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So does your PC have antivirus security? If not, it’s opportunity you introduced one. You can utilize our own one of a kind Free Comodo Antivirus for defending your PC(s). Outfitted with great security highlights like Containment, HIPS, Virusscope and so on., it is outstanding amongst other antivirus programming the IT security industry brings to the table. Download our antivirus assurance programming and avoid security dangers!Last Thoughts


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