What is Microsoft Excel’s Fill Down Command?

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Contributing numbers, content, and recipes in Excel spreadsheets can be monotonous and inclined to blunder in the event that you enter every cell content or esteem independently.

When you have to include similar information into various neighboring cells in a segment, the Fill Down summon can rapidly do this for you just by utilizing the console.


The key blend that applies the Fill Down order is Ctrl + D (Windows) or Command + D (macOS).


Utilizing Fill Down With a Keyboard Shortcut and No Mouse


The most ideal approach to show the Fill Down order is with an illustration. Take after these means to perceive how to utilize Fill Down in your own particular Excel spreadsheets.


Sort a number, for example, 395.54, into cell D1 in an Excel spreadsheet.

Press and hold down the Shift key on the console.

Press and hold down the Down Arrow key on the console to expand the cell feature from cell D1 to D7.

Discharge both keys.

Press and hold down the Ctrl key on the console.

Press and discharge the D key on the console.

Cells D2 to D7 should now be loaded with an indistinguishable information from cell D1.


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Fill Down Example Using a Mouse


With most forms of Excel, you can utilize your mouse to click in the cell with the number that you need to copy in the cells underneath it and after that snap in the last cell of a range to choose the first and last cells and every one of the cells between them.

Utilize the console alternate way Ctrl + D (Windows) or Command + D (macOS) to duplicate the number that is in the principal cell to all the chose cells.


The AutoFill Feature Solution

Sort a number into a cell in an Excel spreadsheet.

Snap and hang on the fill handle in the base right corner of the cell that contains the number.

Drag the fill handle descending to choose the cells that you need to contain a similar number.

Discharge the mouse and the number is duplicated into every one of the chose cells.


The AutoFill include likewise works on a level plane to duplicate a number to neighboring cells in a similar column. Simply snap and drag the fill handle over the cells on a level plane.

When you discharge the mouse, the number is replicated into each chosen cell.


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