Microsoft Visio – Advanced Design Collaboration, Data-Linked Diagrams

Microsoft office Team regularly tries to do something new, good, innovative for people’s comfort.

So it presents office setup updates.

Office 365 Visio Online and Visio on iPad empower cross-stage utilization of Visio charts.

We grasp a hands-on take a gander at both, and in addition updates to Visio Pro for Office 365, from one-advance information connecting to charts, to cutting edge plan and joint effort with the upgraded AutoCAD bolster.

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The Visio group is focused on enabling people to make anything outwardly, groups to work together all through the procedures, and associations to successfully convey one form of reality.


The improved AutoCAD import, architects, engineers and the operations team can now work together on advanced design originating from AutoCAD 2013 files. Teams can also use Office 365 collaboration features and tools, such as inking and Skype for Business.


With one-step data linking, end users and IT professionals can quickly bring their diagrams to life. This helps make sure data-linked diagrams are always up-to-date. You can also surface operational insights on top of real-world processes and plans—enabling your organization to get insights in more intuitive ways.


The data-linked diagrams become even more powerful when shared via Visio Online and Visio on iPad. You can get access to the Visio Online Preview through the Office 365 First Release program; and the Insider Program of Visio on iPad was also just rolled out.


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