Office Error During Setup

While installation of office 2013 if you are getting message  “Office has encountered an error during setup” , and  receive another dialog saying “Microsoft setup bootsrap has stopped working”  , you might be getting below error.



Even after downloading new file from you still might be getting this error.

Try below steps:

uninstalling office using the fixit tool which you can access from the below link,

after the uninstall is successful, please try installing office in clean boot,

to get to clean boot, in case you don’t know how, follow the below steps:

1. Press the windows key + r

2. type msconfig.exe

3. System configuration pops up, select the button : SELECTIVE STARTUP

4. Uncheck both check buttons,

5. Click Apply then say YES to the restart Prompt,

6. After rebooting you are in the Clean Boot Mode and install your office


To go back to the normal startup,

1.Press windows key + r

2.msconfig.exe, system config pops ups NORMAL STARTUP button and say YES to restart prompt,

4. You’re back to your normal mode

Hope this works for you this will complete your office setup.

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