What is One Drive in Microsoft Office 365

To store, share, and sync your work files, Microsoft provides you the facility of One Drive. One Drive is a free storage space in cloud.


You get 5 GB of storage when you sign up for OneDrive, but you can always buy more or sign up for Office 365 to get more storage.


By using One-Drive for Business, you can edit, update, sync, share your important data any time, any where with any device.


To open One-drive, type one-drive.com in browser.


Microsoft One-Drive provides you 5 GB free storage for saving important data like files, images, videos, documents.


One-Drive can be used in any device like PC, MAC, Android, IOS, Windows, etc.


What are the Benefits of One-Drive for Business?


1. Desktop Syncing:

If you want to work offline also, One-Drive provides you this benefit of synchronization. You can work offline easily.


2. Mobile Access:

You can grab your important documents & data on Mobile also if you need it.
You can also Edit, Update & Share data by mobile device.


3. Create / Edit Office Documents in Browser:

You can edit & create , update your documents in browser also.


4. Automatic Versioning & history of Documents:

Users can View or recover previous version of any document.


5. Multi Factor Authentication:

Multi factor authentication is very useful for security purpose.

With the login id & password, it also requests a phone call or text message to acknowledge access to your files. Which helps you to secure the data.


6. Built in Standard Compliance

  • ISO 27001


7. Works with your Environment:

  • SSO
  • ADFS
  • Directory Sync Support


8. Auditing & Reporting:

Stay updated with all the information what is being done on your organizations files.


for more information, visit : www.office.com/setup.

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