Why You Should Use a VPN on Public WiFi?

It only takes a moment on a free WiFi connection for a hacker to access your personal accounts.

While complimentary WiFi is convenient, protecting your connection with a VPN is the best way stay safe on public networks, keeping your data and browsing history secure.


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What is a VPN?


VPN stands for “virtual private network”.

VPN is used to add privacy and security while online.

VPN’s act as a bulletproof vest for your internet connection.

VPN help safeguard your data and can enable private and anonymous web browsing.

Protecting yourself with antivirus software is still necessary.


When and Why Should You Use a VPN?


Whenever you enter to any Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe you mostly connect to the Wi-fi.

It is a unsecured connection.

You should use VPN at Public Wifi.

Traveling and lodging is just one example of when you can use a VPN to help stay secure and avoid potential attacks, however anyone can benefit from using a VPN.


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