How to Use the Office Setup Wizard to Perform an IMAP Migration?


The advance setup wizard can run automated checks to discover how your current environment is set up and then, based on what is found, recommend a path to Office 365.

If you tell Office 365 Setup wizard that your source email system uses IMAP, and you have fewer than 151 mailboxes, it recommends that you use the Office 365 Setup wizard to copy your users email to Office 365 by using IMAP migration.


IMAP migration tasks


Step 1: Launch the setup wizard


In the Office 365 admin centerHome page, click Go to setup.


Step 2: Use the setup wizard to verify you own your domain

On the Let’s personalize your setup page, choose Yes, I need to copy data for my users and then:

In the What is your current email system? box, choose IMAP (, Hotmail, Gmail).

In the How many users do you have? box, specify the number of users (less than 151).

On the What you need to know about domains and DNS page, choose Let’s get started.

If you want to learn more about domains, view the video on the page.

On the Which domain do you want to use? page, type in your domain, for example,

The Add this TXT record to show you own <your domain name> page lists a TXT record that is specific to you in the format “MS=ms########”. Add this at your DNS host. For instructions

On the We’ve verified that you own <your domain name> page, select Next.


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Step 3: Add users and copy data

In this progression, the administrator record will be refreshed to the space you included and afterward you can utilize Office 365 Setup wizard to include clients.

On the Let’s refresh your present Office 365 to <your space name> page, take note of the new overseer record’s client name, select it, and afterward pick Update chosen clients to refresh the head record to utilize the new area.


On the Sign out to finish the change discourse box, select Sign out to proceed.

You should sign in by utilizing your new client name. Office 365 Setup wizard will take you back to the setup step you were on after you sign in.

After you sign in, you will see the Skipping include clients page. Select Next.

Read the data on the Get prepared to duplicate information to Office 365 page and snap Next.


On the Add new clients page, enter a first name, last name and email nom de plume to the table and afterward pick + Add a column (1) to enter more clients.

You can likewise pick Use a CSV record to mass include clients (2) to include numerous clients without a moment’s delay.

When you are done, click Add these clients.

On the <number of users> was included effectively page, click Next and take after the directions to introduce the Microsoft Office applications.

You won’t not see this page if your membership does exclude the work area applications.


You can likewise skirt this page and introduce the applications later.

On the Copy information page, select every client that you need to move the email for, and in the Source email address box enter the IMAP empowered record that you are replicating the email from.

This can be the same as the Office 365 address if the client name and space are the same, however it can likewise be a Gmail address, address, and so forth.

Enter the Password for the source email for every client, and after that snap Next to begin duplicating messages.

On the Add your server association page, enter the IMAP server name, the Port number and the Security compose and afterward pick Copy information.


For Gmail the qualities are:

IMAP server:

Port: 993

Security: SSL

On the Copy information in advance page you can screen the status of the movement. Once the relocation is done, click Next to keep setting up your area, as portrayed in Add clients and space to Office 365.


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