5 Pretty Awesome Uses of Microsoft PowerPoint

When you install office setup 365, office setup 2016, office setup 2013 or any other version, you get Microsoft PowerPoint with it.

But People doesn’t know about most of uses of power-point.

Some Important Uses of Microsoft PowerPoint:


1. Power Point for Guided Presentations:


PowerPoint is a very strong tool for making college or business presentations. It has many different features like like heading, changing colors of fonts, different size & style of fonts with different templates.


2. Auto Running Presentations in PowerPoint:


Power Point helps you to run slides automatically. You can set the time of every slide. After that when you play the slideshow, the slides changes automatically.
This feature can be used through the Media section of the Insert tab.


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3. Use PowerPoint To Make Videos:


PowerPoint is a useful tool to make videos. You can use the PowerPoint slides as video.

To use this feature there are 2 ways ;

(1) Export the Video:

  • Click on File.
  • Click on export.
  • Click on Create a Video.
  • Again click on create video.
  • Select place where you want to save file.
  • Click Save.

You will get a Video format file.


(2) Change the File Type:

  • Click on File.
  • Click on Save As.
  • Click on Browse to select the place to save the file.
  • Name the File in File Name Section.
  • Click on PowerPoint Presentation in Save as type & select MPEG-4 Video.
  • Click on save.

You will get a Video format file.


4. Adding Animations, Transaction Effects in PowerPoint:


PowerPoint is useful to add different effects on slides like animations, transactions, Entrance effects, emphasis effects etc.
which makes your presentation more attractive & impressive.


5. Create Vector Art or Images by PowerPoint:


You can draw different shapes by the help of PowerPoint Presentation.
It also provides the feature to export the Slides / file in JPEG or PNG format.
If you learn complete use of Power Point then you will know that PowerPoint is also as useful as Photoshop.


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For more details visit the official website of Microsoft : Office.com/setup.

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